This is a Conform tool for After Effects or Premier Pro through way of After Effects. It takes all the layers in an After Effects Comp, or imported Premier Project Timeline, and pre-composes each one for exporting shots for VFX work or something else. There are options for adding handles, renaming shots, retaining frame number and merging overlapping shots or shots with the same name.

This script is very easy to use and comes with some simple options.

Rename Shots -Renames the layers in sequential order with options for Prefix, Numbering and Suffix.
Add handles -The handles to be added before and after each clip.
Retain frame numbers -Makes the Precomps retain the same frame numbering as the parent comp. Otherwise each shot just starts on frame 1.
Merge layers that are overlapping -This combines any layers that are overlapping in the timeline into the same shot.
Merge layers with the same name -This combines any layers with the same name in the timeline into the same shot.
Add shots to the render queue -This adds all the resulting shots to the render queue.

It's a simple Javascript file so just drop it in your scripts folder to get it to working.

-fixed issue with having both handles and retain frame numbers enabled
-added retain frame numbers option
-bug fixes
-added option to add shots to render queue
-bug fixes
-bug fixes

Download it here.