PRtoAE_Conform is a Conform tool for After Effects designed to be run on and imported Premiere Pro Sequence. It takes all the layers in an After Effects Comp, or imported Premiere Pro Project, and pre-composes each one for exporting shots for VFX work or something else. There are options for adding handles, renaming shots, setting the start frame number and merging overlapping shots or shots with the same name.

This script is very easy to use and comes with some simple options.

Rename Shots -Renames the layers in sequential order with options for Prefix, Numbering and Suffix.
Shots start on frame -Sets the starting frame number for the shots.
Add handles -The handles to be added before and after each clip.
Retain frame numbers -Makes the Precomps retain the same frame numbering as the original comp/sequence.
Merge layers that are overlapping -This combines any layers that are overlapping in the timeline into the same shot.
Merge layers with the same name -This combines any layers with the same name in the timeline into the same shot.
Add shots to the render queue -This adds all the resulting shots to the render queue.

It's a simple Javascript file so just drop it in your scripts folder to get it to working.

-added option to specify custom start frame
-added error catch
-fixed issue with time-reversed layers
-fixed issue with renaming overlapping layers
-fixed issue with having both handles and retain frame numbers enabled
-added retain frame numbers option
-bug fixes
-added option to add shots to render queue
-bug fixes
-bug fixes

Download it here.

PostageStamp Copy/Paste Fix

This simple Nuke script was written in Python to solve the small issue of PostageStamp copy pasting. It forces PostageStamps nodes to connect to the input of the the one copied upon pasting.

Drop this in your to use it

menubar.addMenu("&Edit").addCommand( 'Copy', 'import poststampCopyPaste; poststampCopyPaste.copyHijack()', 'Ctrl+C', shortcutContext=2)
menubar.addMenu("&Edit").addCommand( 'Paste', 'import poststampCopyPaste; poststampCopyPaste.pasteHijack()', 'Ctrl+V', shortcutContext=2)

Download it here.

Make Shot Directories

This Nuke script was written in Python and allows the compositor to generate the folder structure quickly, easily and promotes consistency in the naming conventions. It creates a popup window in Nuke that ask the compositor to fill in a few options and then uses python to generate the directories.

This script was specifically add

It's called using something like the below lines in Nuke's file

menubar.addMenu("&BENT").addCommand("Make Shot Directories", makeShotDirPick.makeShotDir, "")

Download it here

Version To Latest

This Nuke script was written in Python and is designed to parse through any read nodes selected and find their latest version iterations.

It was developed because at the time(not sure if it still works this way) Nuke's version to latest function would not go to the newest if there was a sequential version missing. Example: if there was v01 v02 v03 v04 v07 it would only go to v04 and then stop.

Rather then using a looped version up and check for exist function, which I assume is what the Nuke one does, I had it pull the folder name that the file was inside of and compare with all the files in that directory first for the same name. Then to find the highest version and then set that one as the filename.

Sidenote: I wrote it specifically for the workflow and folder structure at Bent Image Lab so some modification is probably required to get it to work with your workflow.

As usual it's called using something like the below lines in Nuke's file 'Nuke' ).addCommand( 'Node/Filename/Version to Latest (Reads only)' , 'import versionToLatest; versionToLatest.versionToLatest()')

Download it here.

And here's an AE version.


This is a simple Nuke script was written in Python in order to generate a list of all the "Read" nodes in a comp and create a text node that has all of them listed. This is designed to be piped in at the end of a comp like a slate frame.

Download it here.