FX - "Baskets"

Compositor for FX - "Baskets"

Compositing done in Nuke.

This was various invisible effects done for various shots over the two seasons including; animal leash removal, take stitching, reflection touch ups, and more.

Honda - "Utility"

Compositor for Honda - "Utility"

Composited in Nuke.

This project was composited using deepEXR which provided an added layer of polish to the Depth of Field, to help achieve the miniature look of the spot.

Apo W. Bazidi - Resistance Is Life

Compositor for Resistance Is Life documentary.

Compositing done in Nuke.

This was some screen comps of newsreel footage onto TV screens and paint-out of some distracting elements in the background.

The Lotus Gun

VFX Supervisor on The Lotus Gun directed by Amanda Milius. Work involved the removal of unwanted elements from shots such as power lines, tire tracks and buildings.

Composited in Nuke.