Butterfly Dust

VFX Supervisor for Butterfy Dust directed by Anthony Bushman. Work involved muzzle flashes, practical FX enhancement, unwanted element removal, and label replacement.

Composited in Nuke.

Coca-Cola - “Spirit of the Euro”

Was Lead Compositor for this spot. We used real human eyes on most of the characters in the spot to give the commercial a real feeling. The entire spot was set up as Stereoscopic from the composting end for a cinema version. The combination of Real Eyes and Stereoscopic produced an interesting challenge with combining 2d imagery in a 3d environment to get proper depth out of the Left and Right Eyes. Nukes 3d environment played a big roll in this piece and allowed for the customization of depth and separation from the different elements. Go Here for more info.


FOUND Directed by Anthony Bushman. Worked on various removal and cleanup shots. Shot on 35mm.

Composited in Nuke